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WELLTEC Made The Success at DMP 2015

  Guangdong International Robot & Intelligent Equipment Expo, 17th DMP--China Dongguan International Mould, Metalworking, Plastics, Packaging & Rubber Exhibition, 2015 was held in Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center on November 18th, 2015. There were more than 1300 exhibitors, increasing by 4% compared to the same period last year. More than 90,000 audiences attended the exhibition, which marked a historic moment.

WELLTEC injection moulding machine demonstrated two automatic solutions at DMP: transporting device matched with loop cutting system and four cavity of disposable dishware taken by robot. WELLTEC machine attracted many foreign customers and were highly appreciated. Many customers came to our booth for the energy saving and efficient WELLTEC machines.

283SEc servo energy saving thin-wall high speed special injection moulding machine demonstrated bottle cap special high speed injection production line on site. The whole machine cycle needs 3.3s, with shot speed over 400mm/s and moulding position repeatability precision within 1 mm. High responsive oil system and sensitive mould protection function realize synchronous plasticizing and synchronous ejector function. Matched with transporting device and high speed loop cutting system, the whole machine not only reduces labor cost but also makes this solution with higher speed and better automatic performance as customers required.

393SEc servo energy saving thin-wall high speed special injection moulding machine is a special machine for package launched by WELLTEC. It was matched with new model high speed robot to produce 1000ml disposable dishware at DMP. Compared to ordinary hydraulic press, 393SEc thin-wall special injection moulding machine adopts servo driven system, saving energy by 30%--50%, with the highest shot speed over 200mm/s, the highest plasticizing rotation rate 300rpm and the movable mould platen linear guide rail with less friction, energy consumption and more steady operation.

Automatic production of a whole solution not only satisfies customer’s requirements of professional package for different kinds of containers but also improves production efficiency and saves cost. WELLTEC machines were very popular at DMP and two solutions of 283SEc and 393SEc has received high recognition.