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Success of new technical forum of Welltec Machinery Ltd. in Shenyang

2017-09-27 17:11:10 Read

The purpose of “meeting the customer need and sharing the latest technology in the industry” is always pursued by the Welltec Machinery Ltd. The Welltec Machinery Ltd. just finished two new technical forum seminars in Zhengzhou and Tianjin in June and set foot on the black earth of northeast in July according to the customer need. The company held a new technical forum as a theme of “automotive light-weight and intelligent factory management” in Beichen Hotel, Shenyang, Liaoning on the morning of July 20.

The science and technology are rapidly progressing and developing in current society. The rising of German Industry 4.0 marks the intellectual economic age as the core of intelligent manufacturing has been quickly and comprehensively entered around the globe. Certainly, our country walks in the forefront of world as a large industrial and economic country. So the new technical forum as the theme of “automotive light-weight and intelligent factory management” is participated and discussed by many friends in automobile host industry, spare parts industry, associated industries of plastic injection molding, etc. and also obtains the technical sharing provided by the Engineering and Technological Research Center for National Modified Composited Polymer Materials.

The forum activity mainly includes: 

Chemical injection molding microcellular foaming technology and application in automobile industry 

The microcellular foaming injection molding technology can significantly reduce the weight of workpiece on the basis that the product performance is basically not reduced and is featured with small internal stress, difficult creation of surface defect and special molding superiority for product with large difference of wall thickness. The technology has obvious advantage in multiple aspects compared to conventional injection molding, structural foam injection molding, chemical foam injection molding and gas aided injection molding and has become an important part of injection-molding technical development in recent years. In the forum, Mr. Zhangxiang, researcher from Engineering and Technological Research Center for National Modified Composited Polymer Materials told the application of microcellular foaming injection molding technology in automobile industry and future development direction as well other contents in detail for attended friends in the site. 

Development direction of automobile lightweight 

The lightweight of automobile means to increase the automobile dynamic property, reduce fuel consumption and lower the exhaust pollution by reducing the curb weight of automobile as much as possible under the precondition that the strength and safety performance of automobile are promised. In the forum, Mr. Zhang Guoxian, director of Market Trade Department in Welltec Machinery Ltd. mainly told the requirement of electric vehicle on the lightweight, main points of automobile’s each part on the lightweight, design direction of whole vehicle on the lightweight, requirement of automobile parts on the process, specified requirement of part supplier and so on. 


Intellectual factory management-I See2.0

The intelligentization, automatic production and management of factory are inexorable trend in the future factory development. In the forum, Mr. Cai Guoqiang, director of Electronic Control and Driving Department in Welltec Machinery Ltd. told the Welltec intellectual factory management system “I see 2.0” in detail in the site and provided the demonstration in the site, allowing every friend to be experienced in the factory automation and intellectual production& management.

Production of double-platen machine& automobile interiors and exteriors

In the forum, Mr. Yin Jian, sales director of Engineering Technology Department, Welltec Machinery Ltd. mainly introduced the stability and superior performance of double-platen machine and especially told everyone how to properly use it in the site because the double-platen machine is important production equipment for automobile parts, also the subtle performance of double-platen machine and the way how to closely combine its performance and raw material process of molds. 

New opposite type double-material Injection Molding Machine 

Mr. Li Xiangdong, director of R&D Center in Welltec Machinery Ltd. pointed out in the technical forum that the automobile lightweight means the weight reduction of automobile. It is also important to reduce the process during actual automobile production. How to reduce part number, how to less use adhesive and how to promise the qualified VOC (indoor air quality) in the automobile are needed to be worked on by the main engine factory. While there are many types of multiple-material injection molding machines in Welltec Machinery Ltd. and previous insufficient of vertical rotary table has been solved because the structure of horizontal rotary table of opposite type double-material machine has good force distribution. 

Non-standard application of manipulator—— single machine automation scheme of Injection Molding Machine

The sponsor of the activity also shared the non-standard application of manipulator —single machine automation scheme of Injection Molding Machine in the site for Kowey Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.. The manipulator of non-standard equipment is acted as important part of non-standard automation and is widely applied with increasing popularity of automation. 

The social development and technical innovation space never stop and the new technology and objects are always needed to be learned, summarized and shared by us. The Welltec Machinery Ltd. will always strive to constantly bring new technology and product for every industry friend in the aspects of technical innovation, sharing and product optimization and so on. Finally, we especially appreciate Kowey Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. for the sponsorship of the activity, and China Plastics Machinery Industry Association and Adsale Service Co., Ltd. for their support.

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