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Shenzhen New Technical Forum of Welltec Machinery Ltd. had rich contents and gains various achievements.

2017-09-27 17:06:01 Read

    When the concept of “Industry 4.0” was popular in the world, China also proposed own “Industry 4.0” —“Made in China 2025”. Development of injection molding will have new opportunity. How the whole industry achieves intelligent transition and how to change management mode to truly achieve intelligent production and management?

Welltec Machinery Ltd. had innovation guiding ability and obvious competitive advantage in injection molding technology and intelligent production management area. It had own i See factory intelligent management system in 2011, in order to achieve intelligent and networked factory management. On September 9, Welltec Machinery Ltd. held forum themed as “Injection Molding Automation Equipment &Intelligent Factory Management” in Vienna Hotel of Shenzhen, closely communicating high-performance injection technology and intelligent factory management with present guests.


Main contents of this forum had: 

I. [Application of double-platen machine in injection molding items]

Technical Director of Engineer Center of Welltec Machinery Ltd., Yin Jian used practical cases to tell what good performance of the injection molding machine Welltec double-platen machine after four –generation’s development are and how to combine its performances and molding material process, in order to achieve accurate and high-efficiency product requirements.

II. [Technical application of SeH plus& electronic industry]

Electronic industry now has increasingly requirements for injection molding machine. The requirements for new materials and process applied in the product and its performances were higher and higher. Technical support manager of Welltec Machinery Ltd., Zhang Yuanbo, analyzed that, SeH plus Injection Molding Machine meets the production requirements and makes high-performance Injection Molding Machine for enterprises.

III. [Intelligent factory management -iSee2.0]

Industry 4.0-Made in China 2025 is hot topic concerned by many enterprises recently. Project manager, Liang Chengjiu introduced upgrading automatic, digital, intelligent and networked iSee2.0 intelligent factory management system independently researched and developed by Welltec Machinery Ltd. It supported injection molding machine management of different brands of the customers’ workshop, connected communication with existing auxiliary equipment of Injection Molding Machine, achieving full intelligent management form customer order to product shipping.

IV. [Electro-hydraulic injection molding machine & high- end injection molding]

Combining with development history of fuel and electricity composite injection molding machine, R&D Director Welltec Machinery Ltd., Li Xiangdong, analyzed that fuel and electricity composite injection molding machine not only had high precision and high motion characteristics of full motor, nut also had economical efficiency of hydraulic press in precise injection molding, making users truly have injection equipment with high precision, high production efficiency and low purchase cost. 

V. [Spot demonstration of iSee2.0 and automation technologies]

After theme meeting, project manager Liang Chengjiu demonstrated and explained iSee2.0 and automation technologies on site, so that attended really guests experienced networked, intelligent, digital intelligent management technology, making "intelligent" be a reality.


Undeniably, new industrial revolution and prospect of intelligent world have been emerged, intense competitions have started. New things and technologies need us to learn and summarize continuously. Welltec Machinery Ltd. will take efforts in technology innovation, product optimization and other aspects and expect to stand out in new industrial revolution.

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