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Deepen reform and proceed with development — exclusive interview on Mr. Huang Yaoming, the General Manager of Cosmos Machinery Group

2017-09-27 17:14:32 Read

Editor’s note

China has become the largest producer of plastic machinery in the world, and the Chinese plastic machinery industry market has always developed fast. However, in recent years, the global economy continues to slump and the downward pressure of Chinese economic development continues to increase, at the same time, the supply-side reform deeply promoted by China continues to speed up. Faced with such market combined with crisis and opportunity, what is the development tendency and prospect of Chinese plastic machinery industry in the future? In this tendency, what will be the way forward for Cosmos Machinery? For this, we had an exclusive interview on Mr. Huang Yaoming (hereinafter referred to as General Manager Huang), the General Manager of Cosmos Machinery Group.

Editor: In 2016, the whole Chinese manufacturing industry has gone through various severe experiences, so, how about the development situation now for Cosmos Machinery?

General Manager Huang: In the first half of 2016, the Chinese economic growth has slowed markedly, and PMI indices have also created new low records repeatedly; all the Chinese manufacturers have gone through various challenges and pressure, but since the second half of 2016, the domestic economy has been improving. From the viewpoint of the company’s sales orders and machine numbers in the first quarter of 2017, both improved from the same period last year. At the same time, we also have clearly understood that the economic environment at home and abroad is still uncertain, which is still far from entering recovery for the present. However, as the supplier of the machinery equipment, we still face challenges such as high production cost, insufficient enterprise innovation ability, deeper complexity of value chain, economic fluctuation and others. At present, we should keep a more cautious attitude toward excellent and lean production, achieve differentiation between products and service and actively prepare well in optimization of supply chain at the same time of putting into innovation and products development, providing customers with products and equipment with better quality, higher cost-efficiency and that are more respectful in the market. We should keep innovation (such as automated and intelligent applications even the special industrial machines with high technology) and inherit the essential elements of traditional mechanical products (such as reliability, durability, precision and high-cost efficiency) to keep balance, and Cosmos Machinery is planning to take new operation mode to solve the potential internal consumption and contradiction during the parallel development process.

Editor: how do you feel about the future development tendency of plastic machinery industry in the current conditions of market economy? How does the company follow the tendency and stand out in the market competition in such tendency?

General Manager Huang: for more than 30 years of reform and opening-up policy, the rise of China as a manufacturing power has drawn the worldwide attention; a lot of enterprises benefited from the low labor cost and developed from the opportunity brought by economic boom, however, due to the lack of strategy for long-term development, they went with the stream in the economic tide and suffered from the external economic environment and economic fluctuation cycle more. In recent years, with the slow economic growth of our country and affected by inflationary monetary policy, increasing rise of production cost, overseas market downturn and other factors, many customers of plastic machinery face more and more cruel challenges even go into liquidation. As a provider of plastic machinery, Cosmos Machinery is definitely affected by the external environment. Nevertheless, the key for a enterprise’s success is the enterprise itself or the ability of adapting to the situation; during the adaptation, Cosmos Machinery is located in China’s economic environment, it can be said that we are integrated into a new economic cycle at the present, a new economic development trend is forming, and in this tendency, there will be a new ordinary state, which will affect the role of the enterprise. Therefore, in this stage, we need a management team with crisis awareness, enterprise concept and rapid response, make relevant business decisions appropriately through their consideration about the situation, actively face and follow this trend and meet the new challenge better. The enterprise is required to create good working condition for them, i.e., make corresponding improvement in organizational structure and incentive system. Only when the information communication, working attitude and the spirit of the workers are implemented well, can the enterprise be promising.


Editor: which major advantages or features does Cosmos Machinery have in technology, products or management? What extraordinary experience will it bring for the industry? 

General Manager Huang: for products research and development and technical innovation, on the one hand, the company strengthens the upgrading and optimization on general models to improve the products performance and stability, on the other hand, it continues to subdivide the industry and regional market and intensify the new products research and development and innovation strength.

Taking double-platen machine as an example, six-oil cylinder with uniform straight press lock mould structure exclusively designed is adopted for the fourth generation JSeII double-platen machine, which is researched and developed successfully by the company in 2015, and it can effectively avoid the brake-clasping trouble easily occurs to the traditional double-platen machine. Through optimized design, the fourth generation double-platen machine greatly reduces the production cycle, in which the dry cycle of clamping is only 6s. In the automobile and household appliance industry where the double-platen machine is mainly applied, the enterprise is facing the tendency of profit falling, therefore, it has higher requirements and standards for the performance of production equipment, while the excellent performance of the company’s double-platen machine can actually help the customers reduce the cost and improve the benefit; in recent years, both the brand awareness and reputation of Welltec double-platen machine has been continuously improved, and the accompanying sales orders have also set new high records repeatedly. In addition, it’s worth mentioning that the company successfully launched five double-platen machines under 1000t and put into the market in 2016, and the customers respond well.

In intelligent network, the latest iSee4.0 intelligent control system of the company is the upgrading optimization based on the function of the original iSee, it will help customers achieve the dialogue with the machine more easily, grasp more detailed production situation and improve the automation process monitoring and management level.

iSee 4.0 intelligent control system can obtain the relevant information required by uploading the process parameters of machine operation, quality index, production scheduling and other key information timely through mobile phone, PC, tablet computer and other terminals wherever it is, check for the equipment situation, production state, resource inventory and other information of the factory at first time, and bring advanced the network digital production for the customers truly.

Editor: faced with the uncertain market environment, the company has also taken a series of reform measures to deal with recently, so, in order to achieve the development goal of the company, which planning and strategies do we have in the future?

General Manager Huang: driven by scientific and technical innovation, the personalized demand of the customers for the products is continuously increased, at the same time, the requirements for the product demand and quality is also improved. Faced with the new development trend, we continuously meet many problems that have not been encountered in the past; in this case, we must integrate a new innovation power to adapt to new change. Innovation definitely produces a certain impact on our present framework and traditional operation mode, but only through reform, can it break through the old tradition and rebirth as well as get stronger in the market competition. Of course, we cannot totally deny the successful experience in the past, we should realize that the traditional contents have good promotion on the development of the innovation, but, the success of the past should not be the stumbling block in our way forward. The key is how we balance these two concepts. Therefore, Cosmos Machinery will continue to deepen reform; on the one hand, we focus part of power to produce the traditional machines with large tonnage, batch and standardization with the production mode of quantity production, meeting the production demand of customers through stable, durable and reliable performance of the traditional and standard machine with reasonable technical configuration; in addition, through optimizing the management of supply chain and quantify the scale effect of the capacity, Cosmos Machinery makes us provide with products with excellent quality and reasonable price for customers, and help customers obtain more competitive advantage in the market through using the products of Cosmos Machinery. On the other hand, the post-procedure automation requirements of the customers for plastic processing piece is increased due to improvement of processing process, increase of raw material kinds and rise of labor cost; the requirements for new function for equipment of emerging industry will lead more obvious demand of the industry for personal Injection Molding Machine. Therefore, we should adapt to this market demand, establish a team with rich technical experience, strong adaptation and strong research and development capacity combining with the powerful technical force of the company, and produce some special equipment models with less tonnage and meeting the customers’ demand quickly as well as customized solution with more professional design and research and development methods.

Furthermore, faced with the development trend of intelligent products, we should also consider about the situation, be able to grasp the development of this kind of trend, go with the flow, keep with the plan and act quickly. In the past few years, we put a lot of resources into research and development of intelligent manufacturing and production for plastic products/components, isee intelligent control system launched has entered 4.0 version, and it bring advanced network digital production for the customers; it provides with application schemes to different degree and obtain the approval and recognition from the customers according to the situation and demand of the customers. In addition, now we have carried out isee to extend the discussion on manufacturing execution system of MES (Manufacturing Execution System).


Editor: talents are precious resources of the enterprise, at the excellence award ceremony of 2016, there were 63 gold employees over 10 years of the group and up to 19 gold employees more than 20 years awarded in the group, for these excellent talents resources, how do we take advantages of these talents through the construction of corporate culture?

General Manager Huang: talents are soft power of the enterprise development and key for success of the enterprise. In China, a lot of enterprises list “people oriented” into cultural concept of the enterprise, however, it is difficult for management how to implement “people oriented” enterprise culture into daily work of the enterprise, make employees of the enterprise feel that they are concerned and respected, provide them with good development space and recognize the company from the inside. Cosmos Machinery has owned a long history of development and unique corporate culture, custom and accumulation of experience since its establishment, and this is the basis of our corporate development in the past; for a lot of gold employees, it was their first job to work in Cosmos Machinery, they dedicated their youth and working lives and made a significant contribution to the development of the company, for this, the company is grateful; in this case, on the one hand, we should consider about how to care about the employees more, cultivate a team with responsibility and fighting capacity and create a good comfortable development space for them by utilizing excellent culture, value and technical experience of the old staff formed in the enterprise. Provide them with new tools and skills and equip them with corresponding adaptation ability to give advice and suggestions to the enterprise and drive the enterprise continuously move on during the severe operation environment; on the other hand, faced with complex competitive environment, the company must insist on reform, constantly optimize the talents structure and simplify the organizational structure, and continuously improve the internal working efficiency and profitability in order to improve the anti-risk capability of the enterprise; next, the company will continue to recruit and cultivate the talents, injecting new power for the development of the company and becoming the power of the enterprise’s subsequent development, and this is also requirements for human resource of the company in the next 5~10 years. Of course, the company also paid attention to the demand for growth of the new generation employees and managed to create a platform for the development of the employees; only completing these, can the company grasp the key of success.


Editor: German Industry 4.0 and Made in China 2025 are hot in recent years, for these, how do you evaluate the future development trend of the industry?

General Manager Huang: “Industry 4.0” is a high-tech strategic plan proposed first by the German government; generally speaking, it is manufacturing mode change of intelligent equipment, intelligent plant and other intelligent manufacturing based on cyber physic system, or it is internet of things and internet of services that replaces the traditional closed manufacturing system, making the traditional manufacturing smart and achieving the shift from “manufacturing” into “intelligent” creation.

In recent years, either German Industry 4.0 or Made in China 2025, various new concepts and new reform come forth continuously, the new development trend has been formed, and this trend will definitely produce large impact on the traditional manufacturing industry. For Cosmos Machinery, consideration involves two aspects, how Cosmos Machinery integrate into intelligent manufacturing and production to improve its own plastic machinery manufacture and production level, enabling us to provide more ideal products and services for customers; although we have carried out some discussions on work, unfortunately, the cases and information in the industry that can be regarded as reference are not that much, the development is not expected to be too fast. On the other hand, it is how to provide with appropriate automated and intelligent applications for customers; in the past, in automation of plastic processing (i.e., so called industry 3.0), that is to say, from digital control of plastic processing machinery control system to the issuance of iseev4.0 intelligent control system today, all reflect our input in this aspect. While the most we concern is that whether our customers are equipped with relevant knowledge and conditions to utilize various hardware and software emerged in the market based on the intellectualization; Industry 4.0 promoted by Germany has its premise and rational basis, the German manufacturing industry is described as “the factory of the factories”, including the accumulation of culture for years, insistence and rational pursuit for perfectness, precision, standardization and others, which lays foundation for the development of Industry 4.0 nowadays, and it is believed that this is what should be first learned and pursued by the Chinese manufacturing enterprises including Cosmos Machinery. Based on this, Cosmos Machinery will provide with appropriate intelligent scheme according to the enterprise style of the customer.

Editor: finally, please talk about your requirements and expectation for the staffs of the company.

General Manager Huang: the future economic development is full of unknowns, the company’s development and reform of the company at the present are also in the key stage, and we need more colleagues full of intention, love, passion and ambition with us to explore the future together. The workers will devote themselves to the company, integrating their career development into the company’s development, and the company will make every effort to provide with better working platform and development space for the workers, supporting their career’s development.

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