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Fire-drill of company in 2017

2017-09-27 17:19:32 Read

To allow the stall of company to grasp the emergency and escape skills of unexpected fire and make sure the life safety of staff and financial safety of company, our company in combination with the Dongcheng Fire Department holds a fire-fighting evacuation drill on March 16, 2017. 

The fire-fighting evacuation drill officially starts with the sound of alarm at P.M. 3: 30. After danger happens, the staff in Floor 5 immediately takes self-help measures by evacuation, fire extinguisher and fire hose, the safety officer immediately starts the accident emergency rescue plan after receiving information and each emergency team firstly rushes to the spot on standby. They rescue, give first-aid, put out a fire and carry on the personnel evacuating in an intense but orderly manner in the command of General Manager Huang. In the meanwhile, the director for evacuation in each office area chooses the nearest fire fighting access for rapid escape and evacuates them at the safety point for collection. The security volunteer fire fight team of company immediately rushes to nearby fire scene in full armor after hearing the report of fire alarm and rapidly starts the fire fighting water to spray at fire region. The Dongcheng Fire Department and surrounding Community Part-Time Fire Department also rapidly assign four fire fighting truck for rescue after receiving alarm rescue. The two personnel trapped on the top are quickly found by the fire fighter and safely transferred to the emergency rescue team of the company.




After the drill is finished, the leader of Dongcheng Fire Department explains the use methods of fire extinguisher and other fire devices in the site and General Manager Huang of group company generally comments the fire fighting drill, gives full affirmation of the drill result, praises the ability of staff to follow direction and rapidly take actions, asks everyone to further increase the sense of safety fire control duty and announce that the fire drill has obtained the complete success. 

Through the activity of fire fighting drill, the feasibility of emergency plan has been inspected. Meanwhile, all employees have further understood common sense of fire safety, increased safety awareness and enhanced strain capacity of fire, which basically reaches the goal of fire protection frill. 

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