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In Chinaplas 2018 WELLTEC has achieved fruitful results and created brilliant achievements!

2018-06-22 09:26:48 Read

Asia's largest, and the world's second largest plastic and rubber industry exhibition, "CHINAPLAS 2018 International Plastics and Rubber Exhibition" had successfully concluded in Shanghai on April 27th. All WELLTEC’s staff had actively responded to the challenge. We had welcomed guests from all over the world with highly enthusiastic. As the leading brand of this industry, during the exhibition, WELLTEC received orders of nearly 30 million RMB on the spot. And we showed our customers and industry professionals our superior team strength, high-quality brand image, competitive professional technology and product quality.

Although the exhibition is closed, but CHINAPLAS’s wonderful never to end! Let's review the exciting moment of WELLTEC’s booth!

Experience professional services, Live popularity

The number of receptions at this show totaled more than 180,000, setting a record for CHINAPLAS. The hot scene can be imagined. The WELLTEC Exhibition booth is even more popular, observing machines and Consulting one-stop solutions. Visitors to the booths to consult and experience the iSee management system are in an endless stream. With excellent products, high-end technology, professional and enthusiastic on-site service, WELLTEC has been praised by merchants. Even on the first day, there were many customers came to discuss cooperation intentions! And the second and third days, it kept an eruption trend, and the flow of people hit a record high!

Minimalist exhibition booth design highlighted high-end brand image

The WELLTEC Exhibition booth was based on a simple style with fresh colors and simple design. There is no excessive decoration and exaggerated design. The modern art atmosphere and exquisite detail processing create a sense of technology, imagination and Beauty, and always shows high-end brand image!

High-quality, high-tech, innovative products

Over the years, WELLTEC has met the requirements of customers in different industries by virtue of its professional technology and excellent product quality. As  a manufacturing company, WELLTEC continues to launch new products. Taking the two-platen machine as an example, the fourth-generation JSeII two-platen machine successfully developed in 2015, adopting an exclusive patented six-cylinder-distribution, direct-pressure mold clamping structure, which can effectively avoid the traditional two-platen machine braking problems. The fourth-generation two-platen machine has greatly shortened the moulding cycle by optimizing the design, in which the mode-locking cycle is only 6S. The two-platen machine is mainly used in the automotive and home appliance industries, which can effectively help customers reduce costs and improve efficiency. This machine achieved a market growth of 117% in 2017 and became highest sales growth of all models.

Intelligent manufacturing is also a new direction that has emerged in recent years. To seize the opportunities and lead the way, WELLTEC had also developed its own intelligent injection molding system. In the past ten years, we had invested a lot of resources in the development of smart manufacturing system, the iSee intelligent monitoring cloud platform, which we launched had entered the 4.0 version. iSee 4.0 intelligent monitoring cloud platform, through the real-time upload of the machine running process parameters, quality indicators, scheduling, maintenance and other data. Nomatter where you are, as long as through mobile phones, PC, tablet computers or other terminals, you can obtain required information, reports, and to view the plant's equipment status at the first timing, production status, resource inventory and other information. And through the workshop management APP module to solve matters, or human coordination issues. According to customer requirement, can also provide different levels of customized application programs. Customers experienced real high technology in our booth.

Although a four-day gathering time was short-lived, WELLTEC and its partners had developed deep connection!

On the closing day of CHINAPLAS 2018, we take this opportunity to express cordial greetings to our customers both at home and abroad. The Labour Day is approaching and we wish you a happy holiday. At the same time, we are grateful to your continues attention to and support. Thank you for your companionship!

We are convinced that WELLTEC will present customers with better products and better technology at a more steady pace. Adhering to the "quality first, strive for excellence" purpose to go hand with you in hand to create a more brilliant tomorrow!

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