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Look ahead· Donghua Machinery concluded with perfect ending in 2019 Xiamen Industrial Exposition (XMIE)

2019-09-05 09:38:42 Read

2019 Xiamen Industrial Exposition (XMIE) ended on April 15. During the 4-day exhibition, Donghua Machinery made a wonderful appearance with 450JSeII Small size Two-platen IMM and 160GeHB Hybrid IMM.

160GeHB Hybrid IMM——Electronic product solutions

160GeHB Hybrid IMM with small windmill moulding case highlights the high precision and high efficiency of plasticizing of Hybrid IMM.

450JSeII Small size Two-platen IMM——Commodity solutions

Children's chair moulding cases attract many daily necessities industry customers. And JSeII series two-platen IMM is also suitable for auto parts, household appliances and other industries.


During the exhibition, Donghua Machinery attracted the attention of a large number of visitors by its high-quality products and unique design. Donghua Machinery had achieved good market response and fruitful results in the exhibition, which also marked perfect end for the 2019 Xiamen Industrial Exposition (XMIE).

In the future, we hope to provide you with more efficient and energy-saving products and better services. Thank you very much for the trust and choice of Donghua Machinery. We look forward to seeing you again!

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