Ge JH-se SE II F2R jse

Multi-Material Servo-driven Energy Saving Injection Moulding Machine

  • Machine features
  • 30% more energy saving than machine models with traditional variable displacement pump
  • Speed and pressure are closed loop control, enhances product weight repeatability
  • Servo-driven two-stage displacement piston pump, excellent performance and high stability on low pressure and low speed condition
  • Multi-Tec machine enables you to produce 2 colour or component products with ease, all in one machine and one mould. Conventionally, two sets of injection moulding machines and moulds are required
  • Consistent output and quality. Reduction of inferior plastic parts by more than 20%
  • Allows high flexibility for mould design which can suit intricate product designs
  • No post-injection processes required for the products, thus saving assembly costs, and reduce possibility of product contamination
  • Rotary table on movable platen, Turning angel adjustable to fit special mould design. (optional)