Ge JH-se SE II F2R jse

Main Features:


  • Dramatic increasing shot volume by 20% that can produce more cavites preform
  • Utilizing 24:1 special PET screw can improve plasticing capacity by 30% and shorter cycle time.
  • Professional PET screw can effectively minimize air trap,streaks,colour streaks,discolouration and ensure excellent homogenous polymer melt.
  • Equipped with the ceremic heater ,fast temperature rise,good thermal insulation property,which aboid the poor plasticizing caused by the inaccurate temperature  control during the production.
  • Enlarge ejector force by 30% in comparison with the fomer PET models,which is more suitable for the deep PET perform moulding.
  • Ejection on fly function shortens the preform moulding cycle(320-380PER-Se)
  • Standard with product dropout chute.
  • PET-Se servo-driven specoal machine with higher efficiency confuguration comparing with the traditional injection moulding machine and can have energy saving more than 40%.
  • Adopting servo control technology ,injection pressure and speed are real-time closed-loop control,good stability and repeatability all can improve the moulding quality and less scrap rate.
  • European imported B&R specialized injection moulding machine control system,10.4"TFT color LCD, Closed-loop control on injection filling,pressure-holding and plasticizing,high moulding precision .