Ge JH-se SE II F2R jse
F2R Series(750-2200T)


Low Noise Hydraulic Circuit High Efficiency Injection

1.       High efficiency injection rate, reduces internal stress

2.       High output hydraulic system, provides outstanding performance

3.       Enlarged clamping stroke to meet with larger stroke requirements

4.       Low noise hydraulic circuit

5.       Proportional power saving pressure and flow hydraulic system, it is energy saving, fast cycle and low maintenance cost


Control System

  • 10.4”TFT Touch Panel with motion animation display features, with user friendly interface and easily visualize the current status of the machine.
  • Hardware is based on modular design, which can easily configure various combinations to fulfill different application requirement.
  • Ten-stages of injection and holding pressure phase, five-stages metering phase.
  • Decompression before and after metering function.
  • Closed loop control on injection, holding pressure phase, back pressure and screw rotating can ensure the repeatability of production.