Ge JH-se SE II F2R jse
F2R Series(100-660 Ton)

Regenerative New Features

  • Comprehensive range of tonnage from 100 ton-660 ton clamping force
  • Strengthened clamping unit
  • Ejector, injection & clamping strokes controlled by linear transducers
  • Proportional back pressure setting by controller
  • 3 colour indicator alarm lamp
  • Metal strip under moving platen slide block to prolong service life
  • Newly designed water flow regulator


S09 Smart Control System

  • Program sequence by codes or diagram, clear and easy to understand
  • Free output programmed by user
  • Alarm history, user can check alarms happened before
  • Parameter change logging, user can know who change the data and the scope of data changed
  • Quality control statistical process data, proves the stability of machine
  • Auto-tune temperature control PID value
  • Mould data can save on USB memory and copy to another injection machine
  • Utilize MODEM or Ethernet to remote monitor the moulding data and sequence
  • On-line help manual display
  • Multi-languages text display


Injection Unit

  • Nitride hardened screw and barrel
  • Drooling prevention by screw back pressure adjustment (for high flow index materials)
  • European made high quality plasticizing motor
  • Twin injection cylinders to ensure smooth and stable injection
  • Digital two-stages melting pressure and speed settings (Expandable to five-stages)
  • Four-stages holding pressure settings (Expandable to ten-stages)
  • Four-stages injection pressure and speed settings (Expandable to ten-stages)
  • Pivotable injection unit for easy changing of screw and barrel
  • Nozzle temperature control
  • Cold start prevention
  • Plasticizing speed display
  • Proportional back pressure control


Clamping Unit

  • Digital three-stages mould opening, four-stages mould closing actions with pressure and speed settings
  • Refined heavy-duty 5 point toggle mechanism for reduced motion time
  • Computer aided design and finite Element Analysis on clamping mechanisms to ensure high rigidity
  • Single casting of toggle link on stationary platen to enhance clamping unit rigidity
  • Mechanical safety interlock with auto-adjustment
  • Electrical safety interlock
  • Hard chrome plated high tensile steel tie bars
  • Hydraulic powered auto-mould height adjustment
  • Digital low pressure mould closing protection
  • Digital pressure and speed settings of ejectors
  • Core-pulling, unscrewing device and robot sequence programmed (hardware exclusive)
  • Automatic centralized toggle lubrication system
  • Ejector stroke and clamping stroke controlled by European linear transducers
  • Metal strip under sliding block to provided wearing protection


Hydraulic System

  • Proportional pressure and flow hydraulic system which is power saving, fast cycle, low noise, and easy maintenance
  • European brand or Japanese brand high quality hydraulic valves
  • Temperature and pressure indicator for easy monitoring


Standard Features

  • Injection Unit
  • Standard nitrided screw
  • Injection stroke controlled by linear transducer
  • Movable hopper (Standard for 260F2R and below)
  • Injection/holding pressure/ plasticizing settings
  • Screw cold start-up prevention
  • Heat up/ holding temperature switch over
  • Drooling prevention
  • Automatic purging
  • Automatic detection of injection failure
  • Proportional back pressure control                                                                                                                                                                                     
  • Screw rotation speed display
  • Purge guard


Clamping Unit

  • High pressure centralized lubrication system
  • Clamping stroke and Ejector stroke controlled by linear transducer
  • Safety interlock device (mechanical/ electrical)
  • Ejector mode (4 selections)
  • High speed clamping function
  • Auto-mould height adjustment function
  • Metal strip under sliding block


Hydraulic System

  • Proportional pressure & flow control valve
  • Y-strainer for cooling water
  • Oil temperature detection
  • Water flow regulator
  • Hydraulic safety interlock


Control System

  • B&R S09 smart control system
  • 10.4” TFT LCD display
  • Multi-language display
  • PID temperature control
  • Heater with electric contactor control
  • Data locking function
  • Max speed limit control
  • Fault indication
  • Photo sensor for discharge area
  • (Standard for 380F2R and below)
  • Robot interface and connector
  • 3 colour indicator alarm lamp
  • Lubrication oil level alarm system


Optional Features

1.       Extended nozzle

2.       Spring loaded shut-off nozzle

3.       Hydraulic shut-off nozzle

4.       Double wave screw

5.       Double flight screw

6.       Bi-metallic screw & barrel

7.       Mixing head for colour mixing

8.       Movable hopper

9.       Ejector pin couping

10.   Automatic safety door

11.   Core pulling device

12.   Unscrewing device with hydraulic motor

13.   Air blast device

14.   Return filtration system

15.   Lubrication return filtration system

16.   Variable displacement pump

17.   Twin-pump

18.   Ejector movement parallel to mould opening

19.   Plasticizing during mould opening function (Overlapping Cycle)

20.   Closed loop injection control

21.   Accumulator for high speed injection

22.   Plasticizing before injection

23.   Sequential injection (PP400 B & R Controller)

24.   High efficiency electric motor