Ge JH-se SE II F2R jse
U(J)Se Series

Main features

  • Save more than 50℅ energy by applying special processing technology and adopting high efficiency servo-driven hydraulic pump at pressure holding phase.
  • The product weight is not restricted by one-shot injection volume, thanks to patented ectrusion-injection process technique.
  • Applying our brand new extrusion-injection process technique, that flexible processing technology can produce up to 300kg plastics product each moulding.
  • Various innovation patents and utility patents protection.
  • Easy to purge, molten plastics material channel is designed with first-in first-out concept and with smaller diameter screw, so residual material can be cleaned out with little purge compound.
  • Enormos reduction the electric heating power by two-stage injection unit design and extrusion-injection process technique.