Ge JH-se SE II F2R jse


  • To adopt dual-cylinder,mould moving speed of small-sized cylinder can reach 700mm/s,large-sized cylinder achieves refill and pressurization
  • Clamping unit adopts direct-clamping central pressurized mechanism,ensuring no deformation of platens.Adopted finite element analysis to optimize components weight and enhance machine stability.
  • Refined clamping structure。which only needs 4 bars in platen movement,protects moulds effectively.
  • Injection speed surpasses 200mm/s,this achieves high pressure,high speed injection and precise parts moulding directly.
  • Cantilever plasticizing reducess the mechanical friction force to zero,and achieves accurate injection,so as to improve further products repeatability.
  • Servo-driven hydraulic technology is adopted,the energy-saving can achieve 30-60% comparing with the traditional variable displacement pump design.