Ge JH-se SE II F2R jse

Outstanding Performance:

  • High injection rate,it reduces internal stress
  • High output hydraulic system,it provides oustanding performance
  • Enlarged clamping stroke to meet with large stroke requirements
  • Low noise hydraulic circuit
  • High performance computer contriller specilly designed for injection moulding
  • Proportional power saving pressure and flow hydraulic system,
  • it is power saving,fast cycle,low noise and low maintenance cost 

Control System

  • TFT colour8'800*600 display
  • PLC response time 1ms~2ms
  • External storage on USB or SD card
  • 8 temperature channels with Autotuning PID control
  • Decompression befor plastification and Suck back after plastification
  • Screw rotating speed display
  • Auto-purge
  • Barrel heating schedule
  • 100 sets mould data storage,200 sets mould data storage on external USB device(Option)
  • Chinese/English real time display on screen
  • 4 levels password for dara protection
  • Spc quality  management