Ge JH-se SE II F2R jse
Se II (90-660T)



  Outstanding performance

  • 30% more energy saving than machine models with traditional variable displacement pump
  •  Whole series models are suitable for general purpose and engineering plastics moulding(Fox example: PC/PMMA/ Fibre Glass reinforced plastics)
  •  AC servo motor actualizes machine stability even under low-velocity
  •  Minimal hydraulic energy loss mean less oil temperature rise thus effective reduce hydraulic oil cooling water consumption
  •  Equipped with non-contact type absolute position transducers, which solve machine failure problem caused by wore out of conventional resistive type position transducer
  •  European imported from B&R Automation, professional control system for injection moulding machine
  •  China first all models complied with ChinaNational Compulsory Safety Standard GB22530-2008

S09 smart control system

  • Software & Functions
  • European imported from B&R Automation, professional control system for injection moulding machine
  • 10.4” TFT colour LCD display
  • Parameter change logging, user can know who change the data and the scope of data changed
  • Quality control statistical process data, proves the stability of machine
  • Auto-tune temperature control PID value
  • Mould data can save on USB memory monitor and copy to another injection machine
  • Utilize MODEM or Ethernet to remote monitor the moulding data and sequence
  • Multi-languages text display

Se facilitates the customer to see exactly the same screen, check the instant status of machine and get the quality report from the machine from any place at any time.(Optional)


Excellent energy-saving effect

The newly developed “Se” Greenline energy saving series injection moulding machine adopts the advanced servo-driven pump system and integrates with our 25 years manufacturing experience on plastic machinery. When comparing with traditional design injection moulding machine, it can achieve energy saving 25~85%. That saving effect is most significant on both holding and cooling phases.


High repeatability on moulding

Result from the adoption of servo-system, the injection pressure and speed are real time closed loop control. High stability and repeatability of servo system enhance plastic processing quality.


Low-velocity stability

System pressure and flow are closed loop control and with excellent performance under low pressure and low speed operation environment. No crawling and pulsating happens, high stability even injection speed less than 1 mm/s. System permits freely setting on speed and pressure according to moulding characteristic in order not to generate any extra heat on hydraulic oil that causes instability problem in traditional injection moulding machine.