Ge JH-se SE II F2R jse
Ge All Electric+(55-205T)

    Ge Is Not Just An All-Electric IMM,it is the great beyond of excellence


  • Less pollution,lower runnning cost
  • All-Electric+ machines operate without cooling water and replacement of hydraulic oil,thus  it is more environmental friendly
  • Electiricity consumption

  • The consumpyion of variable displacement hydraulic injection moulding machine
  • The consumption of servo electric-driven injection moulding machine
  • All-Electric+ injection moulding machines has adopted direct and independent servo-drives and applying advanced energy regeneration technology,All-Electric+ models can achieve the best energy saving performance,as well as reduce investment on plant electric supply facility.

Unique clamping structure

  • Patented "Non-toggle" clamping structure saves 80% lubrication grease consumption comparing with equivalent class toggle clamping.
  • Clamping force applied on center of moving platen and with adjustable supporting of linear guide structure,assuring excellent platen parallelism and less platen deformation.
  • Ultra high mould clamping control precision, servo-driven hydraulic achieves stepless closed-loop clamping force control
  • Dirct clamping structure adopts both ball-screw and static hydraulic pressurized in different stages,the linear control moving platen with ±0.01 mm position precision and 0.1% repeaability,high pressure mould closing closed-loop control precision is ±0.5kgf.
  • Multi-stage clamping movement pareallel with injection process can effectively minimize the moulding internal stress and product.

Independent servo-driven hydraulic unit

  • Unique technology on synchronize independent Servo-Driven PowerPack for configuring parallel core pulling function with minimum cost。
  • Avoiding the regular replacement of  clamping high-loading ball-screw assembly,and minimizes the cost of maintenance。


Extreme low pressure mould protecition function

  • Extremely low pressure (3 kgf or below )mould protection function,comparing with traditional toggle machine,can protect mould effectively and prolong machine sercice life.


Left:Ge features with low pressure mould protection       

Right:The traditional toggle machine cannot procide below 10kgf low pressure mould protection in such short time.