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    1. Introduction
    2. Case
    • Clamping Unit

      Clamping’s high rigidity and low deformation design
      The toggle‘s special heat treatment steel casing configuration has stronger abrasive resistance
      Optimized the platen design to make it has a larger wing mode space
      Clamping adopts high pressure quantitative type lubrication systemand it is more favorable tothe protection of the high speed production

    • Injection Unit

      The new design of plastic components’ performance is better
      The injection cylinder is provided with a diagonal settingso that the screw barrel can be uniformly stressed during the injection process
      Full supporting injection plate design not only makes the guide rods of injection plate’s deformation become lowerbut also protects the injection cylinder and piston rod effectively

    • Hydraulic System

      The configuration of servo hydraulic system is efficient and stable
      The optimization of the hydraulic pipeline design can make the energy loss to a minimum
      Low noise system design can make the use of the environment more friendly

    • Electrical System

      Standard equipped with 8’’TFT color LCD display to make the text clear
      The page is simple and friendlyeasy to operate
      Four stage injectionfour section of retaining pressurethree segment soland pressure flow curve display
      Screw speed displaybarrel preheating function
      100 sets of mold data saved


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