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    1. Introduction
    2. Case
    • Excellent energy-saving effect

      The newly developed “SeII” Greenline energy saving series injection moulding machine adopts the advanced servo-driven pump system and integrates with our 35 years manufacturing experience on plastic machineryWhen comparing with traditional design injection moulding machine canachieve energy saving 25%-75%That saving effect is most significant on both holding and cooling phases

    • Hydraulic servo control principle

    • Outstanding performance

      Proportional back pressure standard configurationstrengthens the control and regulation of the whole machine

    • Optimized toggle design and optimized platen design

      Re-design toggle movement for shockless transition and fast-actingmore precise stop end

      Optimized mould platen with less deformation and stressimprove durability and critical for precision components moulding。

    • S09 Smart Control System

      European imported from B&R Automationprofessional control system for injection moulding machine

      10.4‘’ TFT colour LCD display;

      Parameter change logginguser can know who change the data and the scope of data changed;

      Quality control statistical process dataproves the stability of machine;

      Auto-tune temperature control PID value;

      Mould data can save on USB memory and copy to another injection machine;

      Utilize MODEM or Ethernet to remote monitor the moulding data and sequence;

      Multi-languages text display。

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