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Ge Electric-PLUS

    1. Introduction
    2. Case
    • Unique clamping structure

      Patented ‘Non-toggle’ clamping structure saves 80% lubrication grease consumption with equivalent class toggle clamping

      clamping force applied on center of moving platen and with adjustable supporting of linear guide structureassuring excellent platen parallelism and less platen deformation

      Ultra high mould clamping control precisionservo-driven hydraulic achieves stepless closed-loop clamping force control

      Direct clamping structure adopts both ball-screw and static hydraulic pressurized in different stagesthe liner control moving platen with±0.01mm position precision and 0.1% repeatabilityhigh pressure mould closing closed-loop control precision is ±0.5kg

      Multi-stage clamping movement parallel with injection process can effectively minimize the moulding internal stress and product deformation

    • Independent Servo-driven hydraulic unit

      unique technology on synchronize independent Servo-Driven PowerPack for configuring parallel core pulling function with minimum cost

      avoiding the regular replacement of clamping high-loading ball-screw assemblyand minimized the total cost of ownership

    • synchro-structure

      Six-axis parallel movement in different combination to cope with machine variety processing needsuch asrealize mould opening while pre-plasticizing and ejecting-on-flydrastically reduce the mould cycle time

    • The first energy consumption management system on plastic industry in china

      leading edge application on plastic industry with on-screen display‘’ power consumption per shift

      interface ready for control system upgrading to run isee remote network monitoring software


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