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    1. Introduction
    2. Case
    • High-speed injection

      Injection capacity is smallinjection speed is fast and injection pressure is very high. Sophisticated energy-saving servo-driven system can meet the high-speed production. The product efficiency is very highand the injection speed can up to 600mm/s (SeH PLUS+)。

    • High-precision injection

      Result from the adoption of servo-systemthe injection pressure and speed are real time closed-loop control. And the injection pressure can up to 350MPa. High stability and repeatability of servo system enhance plastic processing quality

    • High-precision hydraulic system design

      The machine is of high transmission efficiencyfast response30ms),high control accuracybetter sensitivityfaster injection speed and high production repeatability

    • High-strength platen design

      The design of mould platen has high strength, less deformation and stressIt improves the durability in order to meet the production requirement under the high strength and speed circumstance

    • High-precision computer configuration

      European imported from B&R automationprofessional control system for injection moulding machineAuto-tune temperature control PID valueand multi-language text display


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