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    1. Introduction
    2. Case
    • Cosmetics package special injection moulding machine

      High efficiency
      High efficient mould open and close design,which reduce the mould open and close time;
      High speed plasticizing screw design,high plasticizing efficiencygood plasticizing effect

      Use mature IMM platform design to achieve the stability and reliability.
      Design according to the cosmetic packaging production,especially emphasize on the usage detail.
      Ejector design according to the cosmetic packaging production process design.
      Big mold thickness design.

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    • Wild-mould bottle special injection moulding machine

      Special design for the wild-mouth bottle perform production;
      Adopt the PET wild-mouth special mixing screw.

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    • Blood collection tube special injection moulding

      High strength design for clampinglow deformationhigh mold platen parallelism;
      High speed precise plasticizing system design to meet the blood collection injection requirement.

      Precise servo hydraulic system,equip with closed-loop computer system,which is the guarantee for production;
      Low deformation clamping system work closely with high precise injection system.

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    • Wine packaging special injection moulding machine

      High strength design for clamping;
      Mold platen low deformation;
      High mixing screw;
      Meet the deep cavity product requirement;
      Increase the ejector force and mold opening force desigh

      PET 5_副本.jpg
    • Salad oil packaging special injection moulding machine

      Big injection volume design to meet the injection requirement for salad oil perform;
      Special screw designlow plasticizing back pressure settinghigh plasticizing speedhigh plasticizing effect;
      Low temperature design for barrel which achieve more constant temperature;
      Big ejector force.

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