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    1. Introduction
    2. Case
    • Clamping Unit

      Compact space saving toggle mechanism design;
      Finite Element Analysis ensures all platens for their maximum service life and best moulding results;
      Advanced stress analysis software is applied to design of tie bars and their lock nuts;
      More smooth and stable mould closing,opening and mould thickness adjustment.

      F2v  1_副本_副本.jpg
    • Hydraulic System

      New design of hydraulic circuit,easy for maintenance;
      Saving about 30%-50% of electricity compared with standard fixed vane pump;
      Low heat generated in hydraulic system and 30% cooling water volume can be reduced;
      Bypass filter device will ensure the hydraulic oil in a high cleanliness.

      F2v  2_副本.jpg
    • Injection Unit

      Creative design of injection unit;
      High flexiblility to match  and change different diameter screws;
      Diagonal layout of carriage cylinders to balance the supporting force (Above 90F2VII);
      Screw and barrel are made of high quality new mate-rials,improved their working life;
      Anit-wear bushes are replaced by copper bushes,which improve the lubrication effect;
      Four-stage injection speed and pressure setting;
      Four-stage holding pressure setting;
      Three-stage metering speed and pressure setting

      F2v  3_副本.jpg
    • Control System

      TFT colour 8’’ 800*600 display;
      PLC response time 1ms-2ms;
      External storage on USB or SD card;
      8 temperature channels with Autotuning PID control;
      Decompression before plastification and Suck back after plastification;
      Screw rotating speed display;
      Barrel heating schedule;
      100 setes mould data storage,200 sets mould data storage on external USB device (Option);
      Chinese/English real time display on screen;
      4 leveles password for data protection;
      SPC quality management.


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