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    1. Introduction
    2. Case
    • Clamping Unit

      Compact space saving toggle mechanism design
      Finite Element Analysis ensures all platens for their maximum service life and best moulding results
      Advanced stress analysis software is applied to design of tie bars and their lock nuts
      More smooth and stable mould closingopening and mould thickness adjustment

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    • Hydraulic System

      New design of hydraulic circuiteasy for maintenance
      Saving about 30%-50% of electricity compared with standard fixed vane pump
      Low heat generated in hydraulic system and 30% cooling water volume can be reduced
      Bypass filter device will ensure the hydraulic oil in a high cleanliness

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    • Injection Unit

      Creative design of injection unit
      High flexiblility to match  and change different diameter screws
      Diagonal layout of carriage cylinders to balance the supporting force (Above 90F2VII)
      Screw and barrel are made of high quality new mate-rials,improved their working life
      Anit-wear bushes are replaced by copper bushes,which improve the lubrication effect
      Four-stage injection speed and pressure setting
      Four-stage holding pressure setting
      Three-stage metering speed and pressure setting

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    • Control System

      TFT colour 8’’ 800*600 display
      PLC response time 1ms-2ms
      External storage on USB or SD card
      8 temperature channels with Autotuning PID control
      Decompression before plastification and Suck back after plastification
      Screw rotating speed display
      Barrel heating schedule
      100 setes mould data storage,200 sets mould data storage on external USB device (Option)
      Chinese/English real time display on screen
      4 leveles password for data protection
      SPC quality management


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