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Ultra- shot
Based on the R&D design, production, testing and processing application research of our professional team, the accumulator-type two-stage machine with super large injection volume currently manufactured is a high-efficiency and energy-saving injection moulding machine that can meet the production needs of customers. Compared with similar products in the market, it has core competitive advantage in terms of stability, energy consumption and efficiency.

Application in auto industry

Large injection volume

Built with plunger injection structure, it features unlimited injection weight, wide applicability and low moulding cost.

Reliability and stability

Equipped with specially designed extrusion screw, it has better plasticising effect. The plasticising device and the injection device can be switched between storage and injection with a one-way valve.

Energy saving and environment-friendliness

Designed with high-efficiency servo system, its energy saving effect is in line with the national first-level energy saving standard, and the production cost is low.

Intelligent control

With the help of iSee 4.0 intelligent control system, the key data such as process parameters, quality indicators, production schedule and other key data of the machine can be uploaded in real-time, and the relevant information is accessible via mobile phones, PCs, tablets and other terminal devices no matter where you are, which can truly realise advanced digital production for customers.
Provided with bypass filter system, the service life of hydraulic oil and trouble-free operation of hydraulic components are guaranteed.
Based on the characteristics of large weight and small mould of the two-stage machine, the standard clamping parts are equipped with injection parts of large injection volume.

Applicable fields

Logistics industry
pallets and trash cans
Filter press
filter plate
Civil works
Manhole and septic tanks
Petrochemical industry
large water and oil pipe joints
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